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Office Policies


Emergency Care: 


Our patient’s needs are our first concern.  We provide time each day to see emergency patients.  We cannot always provide complete care for emergencies.  Pain relief and esthetics are given priority when caring for new emergency patients.




Our office hours are 7:30-4:30, Monday through Thursday.  Fridays are reserved for specialty cases and paperwork.  Appointments are given based on usual and customary time to provide the quality care indicated.  It is not always possible to anticipate the exact treatments.  Patients may call to appoint with broken teeth and develop new problems after treatment is initiated.  We hope you will try and understand delays while we try to provide the best quality of care.  We will give you the same high standard of care.


Appointments (recall-cleaning): 

We follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation for six-month check ups and schedule in advance to reserve the most convenient time for you.  We understand schedules change

and we will always attempt to call and remind our patients two weeks before their next six month appointment.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reach you.  Please give the same courtesy to our other patients, as you would like.  We need as much notice over 24 hours as possible to offer these appointments to other patients waiting for them.  You may one day be the other patient.  Thank you for your help.

Broken or missed 6 month recall appointments are the patient’s responsibility to reschedule.

Patient Compliance & Appointments

Appointments are made according to your dental needs.  Refusal or failure to follow appointments, referrals, treatment recommendations, or yearly maintenance and radiographs will result in loss of active patient status and may result in termination or refusal to reappoint after 12 months lapse. New patients that fail to comply with initial periodontal, medical, hygiene, and referrals will be considered EMERGENCY Patients for 30 days. Dr. Clark will provide emergency care and referrals as needed until the patient, parent or guardian notifies our office in writing where to transfer records during the initial 30 day separation time. Failure to notify our office or transfer records by the 30th day will result in immediate dismissal per our published office policies.

Broken Appointments: When you reschedule, we cannot plan time accurately.  Patients who reschedule or frequently break appointments will be given less time.  We cannot keep fees down if patients continually break appointments.  Patients who break excessive appointments will be charged a $35.00 - $75.00 fee. It is the patient’s, parents’, or guardian’s responsibility to reschedule broken appointments, recall appointments, referral, and postponed appointments.


Prescriptions are regulated by our government for your safety.  Dr. Clark will NOT call in prescriptions for the following:

NEW Emergency Patients:

ALL New Patients must be seen by the Hygiene Department to determine a comprehensive treatment plan, patient needs, diagnosis and medical screening to become Active Patients. We do not accept Walk-ins.


Patients with periodontal problems or disease must have increased care, and monitoring.

Broken appointments, failure to follow instructions, refusal to accept recommended treatments, xrays, or records deemed necessary to properly diagnose, and treat your condition, and or specialty referrals will result in your status changing to NON-Active and may result in dismissal. Dr. Clark will NOT be responsible for your condition or for a final diagnosis. You are responsible to reschedule any appointment changed by our office, or yourself.

Specialty Exams Include but are not limited to: PERIODONTAL, TMD, Major Crown and Bridge. These exams may require additional x-rays, selective films, mounted study models,photos, clinical examinations, and periodontal probing. Fees are in addition to standard new patient, or ‘comprehensive’ records.

Comprehensive – New Patient Exams include but are not limited to: a general screening /overview and charting of all areas of concern including but not limited to the following: Soft Tissue, Periodontal, Occlusion, TMD, Orthodontics, Function, Head and Neck assessment, Airway, Esthetics, Smile, Existing Restorations or appliances, Missing dentition, Caries (decay), broken or traumatized teeth, impactions, eruption timing and sequence, and a general tentative diagnosis and treatment plan.

Optimal Treatment Plans: Dr. Clark encourages all patients to strive for excellence in their treatment decisions. This includes: function, esthetics, and long-term stability. Determining your ‘Optimal Treatment’ may require additional time and records. A trusting relationship between the dentist, the patient, their family, and any specialists involved must be established to help the patient co-discover their treatment needs, options, and decisions. Final consult appointment is included.

Return Check Charge: $35.00



We offer free consultations for patients seeking information on fees and available treatment (there is a fee for specific exams and treatment plans by Dr. Clark) If you or a friend desire this type of appointment, please specify and request a quote.

Insurance Patients:

Our fees do not change for insurance patients.  Insurance companies require specific treatment plans.  Pre-estimates are sent for major work.  Some major work requires X-rays for the company’s approval.  We ONLY accept assignment for 90 days before balances are considered the patient’s responsibility.  We WILL NOT ACCEPT insurance if the information has not been VERIFIED at the time of the appointment.     Insurance patients require a more specific exam. additional X-Rays, paperwork, delays, manpower, and mailing cost. Your insurance is a contract for benefits payable, not standard of care, best treatment plans. You should discuss your recommended treatment, treatment options with the dentist. Your insurance coverage should be applied to the best treatment option. Some insurance carriers will allow "alternate treatment plans" to determine benefits paid towards the treatment of choice by the patient. Cosmetic procedures are often not covered unless they are deemed necessary for dental reasons. Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty or recognized field by the Georgia Board of Dentistry. All dentists are qualified and trained to make your treatment as cosmetically pleasing and natural appearing as possible. 

Double Covered Patients:

Double coveragemay NOT MEAN COMPLETE coverage with today’s policies…  Example:  Primary Company covers 50% of a charge, Secondary Company states 50% - many companies today will state that the first company ALREADY paid the 50% and therefore pay ZERO. Because we cannot predict what second coverage will pay we only accept primary coverage.  Major work can be pre-estimated and assignments will be accepted from both for these cases. We will send secondary claims for you with assignment paid to you.

Collection Accounts:  We only accept Insurance assignment for 90 days. You are then responsible for the entire balance. We will help you be reimbursed if possible. Delinquent accounts will be charged 18% annual interests and fees.


We mail pre-estimates on any major work.  Alternate plans may be available at lower prices.  Most insurance companies allow benefits to be applied to alternate treatment plans, which are not inferior to the plan approved.  We cannot guarantee your benefits. We will try to call you when we receive your pre-estimate.  Please call us when you receive your copy to determine your options.  We will not accept assignment for major work without a valid pre-estimate.  Preauthorization or pre-estimates are sent at not cost to you. Dental Insurance Estimates are not a promise of payment and may change when the work is completed. The patient is responsible for the balance.

Non-Insurance Patients:  Account bill patients are responsible for payment in full when treatment is rendered.  Payment arrangements are ONLY available when made in advance.  Please feel free to ask.                             

Divorce Cases:  Payment is the responsibility of both parents or guardians.  We will not attempt to settle financial agreements between parties. 

Parents in the Operatories:


During general dental and orthodontic appointments, Pediatric Specialists have determined that most children behave and do better without their parents in the operatory. This is due to the confusion created for the child when more than one authority figure is present in the room. Many children “act up” to entice parents to help them escape situations. Dr. Clark will invite the parents back when needed, or when a special consultation is requested. We do not allow parents back during surgical procedures. We find that parents in the back contribute to our getting BEHIND SCHEDULE as Dr. Clark enjoys speaking with the families. Please help us follow this policy. 


All policies are subject to change without notice. Please ask our staff or Dr. Clark if you have questions or concerns about any policy.

Thank you, Dr. Clark